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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What's for dinner?

After a whirlwind of culinary activity last week, I have to admit it. I'm pooped. I know I SHOULD plan menus that highlight dishes that both take advantage of the season and challenges me technically. But that doesn't mean that when I got home from work today I had anything up my sleeve. I didn't.

So I did what anyone would do and opened up my fridge. But unlike many people, I did more than reach for a frozen pizza. In 45 minutes, I had one of the tastiest and healthiest meals I've made in some time on the table.

I made a noodle dish with sautéd zucchini julienne and baby carrot rondelle. I invented a sauce involving some white wine that I had sitting in the back of the fridge and some snap peas.

To prepare, reduce some white wine and cidar vinegar with a bay leaf and some whole peppercorns. Meanwhile, cut green and yellow zucchini into julienne. Cut the carrots into thin discs. Boil all but a small handful of peas until tender to the bite. Then sauté in butter until with a leek and ramp until everything has picked up some browning. At some point in this process. Set aside. Blanch the reserved peas just until brilliant green and immediately shock. Combine with the other carrots and puree. Strain into a clean pot, adjust seasoning, add a dash of EVOO, and finally mount with two tablespoons of butter.

The rest of the dish is easy. Just boil the noodles, sauté the zucchini and carrots and combine. At some point in preparing this sauté, add a dash of cidar vinegar and allow to reduce. When the vegetables are cooked but before they've developed significant browning, combine with the cooked noodles.

Sauce and plate. I garnished with some minced parsley.


(The zucchini, snap peas, leek, and ramps were from Tipi produce. The carrots were from JenEhr Family Farm.)

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